At Arts in Motion we treat all students with respect. We believe that dance should be accessible to all ages and ability levels. We encourage teamwork and cooperation. In our group dance classes our goal is to teach a love of the art of dance with an understanding of the theory and history behind it. We prepare students to explore their creativity and to perform with confidence. Adult Dance Classes (Ballet, Modern, Ballroom) are also available for teens and adults just wanting to get in shape or learn a new skill!

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Classes That Spark Creativity

All of our dance classes are designed to encourage kids and adults alike to be happy and healthy and to find creative expression through movement.

Pre-School Classes

We offer classes for your little dancer to help them learn to move purposefully through space. Creative movement is encouraged through imaginative play and free dance.
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Recreational Dance Classes for School-Aged Children

Discover Dance in age appropriate classes that work to build coordination and confidence, all the while exploring the imagination!
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Classes for Teens and Adults

For more serious students, we offer challenging classes that prepare students for college level dance classes and a Student Dance Company that helps build performance skills and confidence.
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Why Take a Dance Class?

There are many benefits to taking a dance class—physical, cognitive, emotional, and social. Here are four of my favorites.

  • Confidence

    Dance builds the mind-body connection, promotes positive self-image and increases self-confidence. Dance teaches that if you work hard you can do anything! Young dancers learn to be independent and older dancers learn to shine in the spotlight.

  • Dance Class Teaches Teamwork

    At Arts in Motion we focus on working together to be the best dancers we can be. Each level of dance class is designed to be taken 2 years in a row so the older dancers are able to mentor and support the younger dancers. We believe that a dance performance is not about who is in the front row, but about cooperating to create a gift for the audience.

  • Dance Creates Life-Long Friends

    In dance class we share goals with each other. We struggle together and celebrate triumphs together. The friends we make in dance class can help us through transitional times like starting kindergarten, middle school or high school.

  • Fun!

    Dance Class Should Be Fun. Yes, we are learning and growing and challenging ourselves, but we also can let loose a little, express ourselves and be creative.

Featured Teachers

Our teachers give 100% to their students and expect 100% back. Our small class sizes allow teachers to give personalized, immediate and specific feedback.

Kayleigh Crummy

Adaptive Dance, Dance Stories, Discover Dance, Tap, Ballet

Hannah Yelencich

Dance Stories, Discover Dance, Lyrical, Jazz

Dontez Jones


  • What The Parents Are Saying

    My daughters have been dancing here for over a year. The dance stories classes are creative and totally age appropriate, my girls absolutely love going to dance class! We really appreciate the teachers and the welcoming environment in the studio.

    - M. Muza-Moons
  • What The Parents Are Saying

    Love this studio! What a great experience I had with my first ballet class. Great instructors. Highly recommend.

    - E. Schulte
  • What The Parents Are Saying

    My daughter attends the Dance Stories II class and absolutely loves it. She has been at Arts in Motion for two years now and is so taken with her experience that she asked me to guarantee that she could continue for years to come;) We appreciate both the teachers and organizers at Arts In Motion for they have created an environment where learning and enjoying dance are one and the same.

    - A. Erlewine

Discover Dance at Arts in Motion

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Recent Blog Posts

Tips for parents and students, performance reviews, and all things DANCE!

01 May

The Slight Edge For Dancers

I recently read Jeff Olson’s book, The Slight Edge. I was looking for information to help me improve myself, my business and my life. I found his philosophy so powerful and realized that it is applicable to any pursuit you might care about. So here, I apply it to the pursuit of Dance.

“Simple daily disciplines—little productive actions, repeated consistently over time – add up to the difference between failure and success” from The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson.

01 May

Nancy and Shirley’s Class

There is a class at Arts in Motion Dance Studio Ann Arbor called Modern Improvisation that meets every Wed from 10-11:30. It is attended by a loyal group of students all of whom are over the age of 50. The class is taught by a pair of teachers, Nancy Fate Heers and Shirley Axon. They have been teaching this same class for the past 20 years. They are living proof of how dance can create community, effect change, inspire, keep you healthy, happy and your mind active.

01 May

First Dance Class

You’ve taken the first step. You’ve signed up for a dance class. Now the real work begins. Being in a dance class is more than just showing up.

First, you have to have the right clothes to wear. You wouldn’t go swimming without your bathing suit or go to soccer practice without your shin guards, right? Many dance studios have a dress code (including shoes), so check and see what it is. At Arts in Motion we will measure you and order whatever you need and you’ll generally have it by your next class.

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