A photo of Dance teacher Amy Schell

Amy Schell

Amy began as a tap dancer in her 20s and never stopped! She studied with Valerie Mould and then taught classes with her in Royal Oak, Michigan for more than 25 years. As a lifetime member of Stagecrafters, a community theater in Royal Oak, Amy has over 40 years of musical theater under her belt. She has attended many tap workshops and classes given by Robert L. Reed, Brenda Buffalino, and Lloyd Storey, to name a few. She has taught students of all ages and levels from kindergarten to mature adults (84 years old!) and her skills and teaching style incorporate rhythm, listening skills, building patterns, dynamics and lower-impact movement—hoofing and balance! She lives in Dexter and is a full time Media Consultant at University of Michigan.

Teen & Adult Tap

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