Kayleigh Crummey

Kayleigh is currently teaching at Ballet Chelsea

Kayleigh spent much of her younger years in the studio and on stage for both dance and musical theatre. Her passion for movement only continued to grow from there. Kayleigh studied at Eastern Michigan University to receive her B.S in Dance with a concentration in Pre-Dance Therapy and Psychology. She has also completed two Moving Wheels and Heels internships (practical experience creating choreography for differently abled dancers) at the Steffi Nossen School of Dance in New York. Kayleigh believes that every person deserves to experience the joy of free expression and to feel at home in their bodies. She has translated this belief into her teaching style. This also includes adaptive dance, where she has worked with seniors and persons of all ages with different abilities. She knows how positively dance can influence an individual’s confidence and creative drive and enjoys sharing that with her students at Arts in Motion.

Dance Stories, Discover Dance, Adaptive Dance, Ballet,Tap, Teen & Adult Beginning Ballet

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