First Dance Class

You’ve taken the first step. You’ve signed up for a dance class. Now the real work begins. Being in a dance class is more than just showing up.

First, you have to have the right clothes to wear. You wouldn’t go swimming without your bathing suit or go to soccer practice without your shin guards, right? Many dance studios have a dress code (including shoes), so check and see what it is. At Arts in Motion we will measure you and order whatever you need and you’ll generally have it by your next class.

Then, you have to be sure to have what you need to put your hair up and away from your face (we always have extra hair ties at the front desk for emergencies.) and it’s good to have a refillable water bottle (we have a water fountain).

Ok. Now the first day of class is here. Before coming to class you should have a healthy snack of fruit and a little bit of protein (ex: peanut butter, cheese, yogurt) and you need to allow enough time so you can get the the studio a few minutes early so you can change and figure out where your lesson will be and who your teacher is. This is time to focus your mind and body so you will be ready to learn.

Once in the class there are a few things you should know about dance class etiquette:

•Once class is started there should be a minimum of chit chat.
•When the teacher gives a correction to one student, he/she is really talking to all students, so listen carefully.
•Watch the other dancers when it’s not your turn. You can get valuable information by watching.
•If a teacher asks you to do something that is difficult for you, all that is expected of you is that you try. Learning dance is a process and takes time, so just dive in and do your best!
•Say “thank you” to your teacher at the end of class.

You did it! Your first dance class! Congratulations! Don’t be surprised if your muscles are sore the next day. Stretch them gently, take a warm bath, drink lots of water and they’ll be good as new for your next class!

If you haven’t yet made the leap into a dance class, email us with any questions you might have or try a class on us and see if you like it:

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