Wedding Dance

Seven Strategies for a Successful Wedding Dance

In celebration of Valentines Day I wanted to share some advice on ways to create a memorable wedding dance.

Seven Strategies for a Successful Wedding Dance. 

  1. Pick a few different songs and have your dance instructors help you decide which will work best. A song that means a lot to you may not be danceable. Your instructors will be able to determine what sort of dance fits with what song. If you have trouble picking a song, your DJ or band leader may be able to suggest some.
  2. If someone is singing with the band, be sure they get a chance to practice together if possible. Have the singer record their version of the song so you are all working with the same tempo.
  3. Get a live band for the best dance experience or be sure your DJ can adjust the tempo of your CD so you can dance at a speed that suits you.
  4. Don’t choreograph your whole dance start to finish. Do choreograph the beginning and the end so that on your cue the DJ or bandleader can finish and segue into the next dance. Allow room for improvisation. Too much of a detailed plan can lead to stress and worry. Most songs are around 4 minutes long, which may seem endless when you are alone on the dance floor, so give yourself a finishing move (usually a dip and a kiss) that you can put in whenever you are ready to be done. 
  5. Schedule at least 3 lessons to give yourselves time to become comfortable with the dance. The first lesson should focus on the basics of the dance. The second lesson can add some more complicated moves. The last lesson should establish the structure of your dance with an emphasis on feeling comfortable with the beginning and ending.
  6. Practice in the same or similar shoes to what you will be dancing in at the wedding. If you will be dancing in heels it is absolutely necessary to practice in them before hand. We recommend shoes with a small heel with a closed heel. Gentleman should avoid thick rubber soled shoes that will stick to the floor. Smooth leather soles are preferable.
  7. Relax and have fun! Remember your wedding is for you, so enjoy yourselves in your first dance as a married couple.

Scott and I have recently been working with a young woman to prepare a dance for her cotillion and we are applying these principles. Working with couples and groups in Ballroom dance is one of our favorite things to do. Ballroom is a great way to learn to communicate with a partner without words, and to be fully present in the moment. On your big night, date night, or any night, dancing together is the perfect way to say “I love you”.