What I’ve learned Since Going Virtual

Marley is better than carpet. And my living room is not sprung.

My cats don’t respect the dance floor. And no matter how much I vacuum, I still end up covered in cat hair.

I get a lot of energy from my students when we are in person, so it takes a lot more energy to teach when we are remote.

Technology is fickle.

I miss the high fives and hugs and the stories and the stickers.

I’ve learned that your teachers are resilient and creative and have so much to teach you and they do it even when it’s hard and even when they have distractions like kids and cats and dogs and roommates.

I’ve learned that the Arts in Motion family is adaptable and willing to take on new challenges. They’ve learned about Google Classroom, Google Meet and Google Chrome. How to install grid view and how to mute themselves. How to turn in a photo assignment and record a video at home. They’ve been patient and encouraging and flexible.

I’ve learned that I love what I do and who I do it with and that I can’t wait to return to “normal’ and although I know that there will be changes and challenges ahead, I know we will continue to meet the challenges that present themselves and we will continue to celebrate our love of dance, music and moving together.